What to expect Newborn


Newborn Portraiture 

It will be helpful if you prepare for your session by following these instructions.

Dress your baby in a front fastening baby-grow without a vest.  Ideally the baby-grow should be larger size than you normally use at this stage, so that it is easy to remove. Your baby will be naked for the majority of the session.  

The studio will be very warm. It will be pre-heated to about 26 degrees.

If your baby is over 7 days old please interact with them for at least an hour or so prior to feeding so that your baby is content and tired on arrival at the studio.

This also gives you a bit of fun time with your baby.

About ½ an hour before your session and before to departing for the studio please give your baby a big feed.
It is okay if your baby falls asleep on the journey to the studio.

Please bring your baby into the studio in the car seat when you arrive.

With your permission we will gently remove your baby from the car seat and prepare them for the session.

We will spend time holding your baby so that they become accustomed to us and more relaxed in our presence.

Bring a couple of dummies with you , even if you are not intending to use a dummy as a soother/comforter during your babies development.  The duration of time it may be used during the session will not set a precedent for dependency to use a dummy in future.

The session can sometimes last for up to 3 or 4 hours .  In order to get the best results we will not be rushing.  It is best not to make other plans for the day of your session.

Please expect to feed your baby at some point during the session.

We appreciate that having a baby is an exhausting experience.  Please use the session as a time for you to relax whilst we look after your baby.  

As the session lasts a few hours it may be worth bringing something to read to help you relax.

If your baby doesn’t settle we sometimes have to reschedule to continue a session a few days later.  This may be due to your baby having one of their growth spurt days when they have a continuous need to feed.

You will always be in the studio during the session.  You will be seated to the side as baby will become restless when they are close to you especially if the baby is breast fed.  It is important that baby sleeps during the session.

If your baby has older siblings please arrange child care for them.  If you want them to be involved in the session we will include them either at the start or at the end of the session.  They will become bored and distracting if they are there for the full session. So it is best if they are not in the studio for the full duration of the session.

Please feel free to bring any props that you would like included in the portraits.

If you would like us to replicate any images you have seen on display or on our website please tell us.

Our digital enhancement artist will airbrush your images to remove any blemishes such as little scratches and milk spots, so that your portraits will look beautiful when they are displayed on the walls of your home.

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